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“Software development should be customer centric than developer centric.
Key to successful software is clear understanding of requirement”

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About Us

CALIBRE TECHNOLOGIES, based in Navi Mumbai, was founded in 1997
to provide a One Stop Advanced Solution for all IT impediments

“Make technology reach the user in usable form”
is the philosophy we believe in

As Software Product and Solutions Company with vast expertise in advanced technologies, Calibre Technologies develop High Quality customized software solutions for End Users and for other IT Companies.

We daresay with triumph that we have got an excellent work force headed by Mr. Tejasvi M. Hegde, who has been individually involved in various projects in every aspects of technology. Technical and development staff comprises of highly experienced, enthusiastic and assertive personnel with expertise in every calling of the Information technology Industry

We develop software which essentially will have following qualities

  • Easiest but powerful user interface
  • Speed and Performance
  • Robustness
  • Quality

Company has Calibre to deliver anything in software and solutions even in relatively new and advanced technologies, in shortest time. We have proved it again and again. Our team always look for the new opportunities to deliver the best of solutions using technology.

Range of Solutions

Enterprise Applications

In the age where information is intelligence, business process keeps becoming complex day-by-day. Its where we enter and implement complex business work-flow in the system in a way which simplifies the system based process.

Cloud based Products

Everything is connected in age of Internet. Main work at office, reports and KPIs while on the move, field force with real time connectivity and the software product with efficiency. That's the need of the day. We have solution for various business in form of cloud based products

Mobile Applications

Mobile solutions are part of every day business. Calibre develops Mobile Apps which are part of Enterprise/Cloud systems and standalone applications on mobile

Embedded Systems

If you are looking for solutions which is based on embedded systems i.e. RaspberryPi, Arduino or even custom developed controllers? You can count on us

Business solutions expertise

  • Business Process and workflow Integration
  • HR & Payroll Systems
  • Logistics Systems
  • CRM solutions
  • Accounting and Inventory systems
  • Data mining and Business Intelligence systems
  • System Level Applications
  • Data capturing and communication systems on embedded, PDA and mobile Applications
  • Networking and Communication monitoring and analysis solutions

You ask and we deliver it

Array of Expertise

Windows (Native OS and .NET), Web 2.0, Linux, Java, Android, iOS on iPhone/iPad, Mac OS X, Windows Phone

HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript/TypeScript, NodeJS, ASP.NET MVC, PHP, Python, CGI, Xamarin, Web Services, RDBMS, Data Mining, BI and Big Data

TCP/IP, TCP/IP Packet Level Programming, IPX/SPX, Internet Protocols i.e. HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SNPP, SMTP, POP etc., Data Communication

Looking for solutions on any challenging and new technology? We are here!

Milestones Achieved

Calibre technologies is always ahead of time. These are some notable mile stones we have achieved

  • Developed one of India’s first Email and Fax server (1998)
  • Developed one of India’s first Internet email gateway for Lotus cc:Mail, way back in (1999)
  • Developed binary based antivirus for Linux based email servers, 2nd of its kind on the global scene (2000)
  • Browser based Business Intelligence system (2006)

Think of IT, think of Calibre

“Software delivery should be backed with finest customer support”

Why Calibre Technologies?

We understand your requirement

Experience of nearly 3 decade helps us to understand your business requirement quickly

Best solution for your requirement

Knowledge of array of technologies and business process empowers us to deliver best solution for your need

Best service and quality support

Well-trained & enthusiastic people; Thats we are. We know the importance of quality service

Ever evolving

Learning is part of our process rather than independent task. That enables us to provide solution in any field of technology

#5, Vishnu Shreyas CHS, Plot No 87/87A, Sector 50(New), Nerul, Navi Mumbai, India. 400706


+91-72080 86955